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troll 2 Date: Mar 24th @ 12:46pm EDT
Good afternoon, my sweet and naughty bunnies! There is no way I could not share this with you guys, but, who has seen Troll 2? I just saw it the other day and truly, it was just amazing. It was rated as the worst movie of all time. That has to say something, am I right? Not only does it not follow Troll 1, or the movie Troll, but there are not even any trolls in the movie. Once I heard that, I kind of knew that at the very least I had to check it out. I do not even know where to begin. But then there is also a popcorn scene that will undoubtedly change the way you view corn kernels for the rest of your life. The writing of the movie is also, questionably, the worst. But what I loved so much, was that it was so awful, it was simply fantastic. Oh, and the dance the sister does, let us just say, that yours truly has been practicing it, and I am overly anxious to show you guys the dance. Again, equally fascinating. I do not normally recommend movies to you guys, but please watch it. You can thank me later, bunnies!
under a rock Date: Mar 9th @ 2:40pm EDT
Good morning my sweet and sexy bunnies!! I trust you all had a lovely, fun, and crazy weekend and are starting the new week out right... with your cock out! Well, this may come as a surprise to you, may be not, but as I just recently discovered, I am pretty darn sure that yours truly, has been living under a rock. The reason, you must be curious... it is because I just saw the most hilarious movie and it is almost too embarrassing to share because I totally realize that the movie has been out for years, and then a few more years.. but any way, yes, I just saw Superbad. I have no idea what in the world took me so long to watch it, but oh my gosh! I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I may or may not have decided to only refer to sucking cock as a blow j now. I just cannot believe it took me so damn long to watch it. Are there other hilarious movies I need to see? I hate to think that there are millions of giggles and laughs that I have yet to discover. Not to mention, the movie talked about sex, basically the whole time. So what is there not to love?
new vibes Date: Mar 3rd @ 12:35pm EST
Good morning my sweet and naughty bunnies!! I trust you all had a naughty and sex crazed morning, just like yours truly. So, just as I was starting to open up my tiny eyes this morning, my bran clicked on and immediately I reached for my new vibrator. I can not even begin to tell you how much I love that thing dearly and it has equally changed the every day life of my vagina. Eight speeds, people. I will say it again, strictly for impact, eight speeds guys. So, in all honesty, I do seem to find myself stuck some where between the second, fifth, and sixth speeds. It is some times just so hard for me to choose what exactly pulsation I want on my vagina. Do I feel more of a steady, constant vibration, or maybe, just may be I am longing for the eating pussy speed, as I have now renamed the fifth speed. It is a lovely, go, stop, go, stop pulsation. Really, it just seems to go exactly with all the pussy eating porno i watch. The sixth speed is some where between the speed of sound and light. How, they were ever to capture such power in a vibrator is beyond me. Eighth wonder of the world, eight speed options. Coincidence? I think not boys.
dick pic injustice Date: Feb 9th @ 11:45am EST
Good morning my sweet and dirty bunnies! I trust you all had a lovely and naughty weekend full of dirty, raunchy sex. Surprisingly, I most certainly did. So, the juicy and titillating topic at hand is a real problem, as of now. The topic is Dick pic injustice. As you all I now and have seen multiple times, yours truly, is more than familiar in the selfie game. I love to take pictures of my self. I love to take them, whether it be of my breaths, my ass, for those super special days I will do an honorary pussy picture, and for those super special events, I will happily take a shot of my tight, tiny ass hole. The point of all that is setting the stage for the issue... I always felt that my pictures were pretty true or accurate, may the proper word. Yes, I have got giant breasts, with that being said, I think my pictures pay tribute or homage to my breasts. I do not believe I have any ones TNT if some one were to look, no one would say, that Charlie, she has got small breasts. Ironically, I have come to realize that the same is not true with Dick pictures. Objects in the picture, are actually larger than they appear! Yippee! Its like a Christmas miracle!!
sneaky sex Date: Feb 6th @ 3:47pm EST
Good morning my sweet and naughty bunnies! I hope that every one had an amazing week and has lots and lots of sexy weekend plans filled with naughty things. So, what is this sneaky sex stuff about, you wonder? Well, I am kind of wondering my self, all except for the fact I am basically too excited to truly know what to do. To set the stage, I found out that I am getting the vibrator of my mother fucking dreams! It completely and utterly shocked me! I have been wanting it for so very long now! Oh my goodness. Eight speeds?? Let us all be serious and I will happily admit that I will keep that beautiful beast of a sex toy on the highest power at all times of the day, and of course the night, too. The thing that has got me the most excited about it is that the reviews all but guarantee I will squirt! Squirting on command is most definitely my life's goal. I set the bar high, what can I say? I have seen other girls use it and it is with out a doubt a miraculous machine. Plug and play. That is all I truly plan to do for weeks straight. I am so damn excited!!
my companion Date: Feb 3rd @ 7:59am EST
Good morning my sweet and dirty, sexy bunnies! I hope that every last one of you woke up as happy and equally horny as my little self. As soon as my eyes opened up this morning, I saw my little pink vibrator, nestled next to me as it is every morning. It truly got me wondering if all women sleep with their sex toys like I do. Naturally, I masturbate as the very last thing I do right before I shut my eyes for sleep, and then I also masturbate first thing in the morning. So basically my vibrator is my bed companion. I just think it is great. Now, you wonder, would I prefer a cock to wake up to instead? Well, absolutely. That my sweet, is a no brainer. You have another query, do you? What about waking up to multiple hard cocks? Um, yes please, and thank you. But, I will be honest, if I can only snuggle up to my little vibrator at night, I have got no complaints. It does the dirty work, shall we say. Any thing made that can swirl and spin and vibrate my clit with that much power and speed can snuggle up to me every single morning and every single night!!
new bbc Date: Feb 2nd @ 12:04am EST
Good evening my sweet and naughty bunnies! I trust that every last one of you has had a lovely start to the week so far. I know that at the House of Sin and Love we have yet another new and exciting addition to the sex toys... yes sir, I have got a brand spanking new giant black dildo! I had been running and checking my mail box every day since I knew he was going to be on his way. You just have no idea how unbelievably super excited I am about the new addition. I could not be more pleased or more proud to now offer dildos of every nationality and race. My pussy is now the united nations eager to be ponder raw by all different and equally beauty races. In true fashion, it is the largest dildo I have. It has a giant set of balls that hang low, and you do know how my weakness and soft spot is for a pair of low hanging balls. They just seem to yell, empty me, Charlie! And I always try and aid in any service that I may. So needless to say I have been shoving, cramming and slamming the new toy in at every moment, just to give it the proper welcome.
Booty Date: Feb 1st @ 10:54pm EST
Good evening my sweet and sexy bunnies! I hope every one had a lovely and sexually pleasing and equally pleasurable weekend. I certainly know that this little thing here did. I did quite a few different and crazy things this weekend. They were most certainly all crazy and fun, but with not a moment's hesitation, my little putting on Saturday afternoon took the cake. So, to set the stage for you, we had a giant festival going on in the town over from me. It was not so much the festival in and of it self, as it was all the thousands of drunk and barely clothed college girls were the real reason any one was celebrating. That in it self, would be enough to think, yes, I will shut down a massive portion of the city, if and only of it will in deed be filled with thousands of college girls, drunk. Oh, my bunnies, I truly can not begin to explain exactly the beautiful splendor my eyes got to behold on Saturday. Boobs and ass. Oh, and the ass. It was hanging out but the butts were so damn tight they stood out, all pert and perfect. I truly was in a sea of beautiful women and eye fucked them all.
steak and shake Date: Jan 28th @ 9:44pm EST
Good evening my sweet and dirty bunnies!! I hope every one is staying in and finding warmth tonight! It is freezing out! So, I am really anxious to get your feedback on what I am about to share with all of you on my experience. Topic of choice, fucking steak and shake. Initially, I already had my doubts on going. The last time I went to steak and shake I ordered a chicken sandwich, mind you I've ordered chicken sandwiches for the last twenty years and never had a true 'bad' experience, until steak and shake. Any way, I ordered the sandwich, I get the sandwich, it is frozen. It was not cooked and it took me months to order chicken again some where, but never go back to that steak and shake. So, I go back today because I really enjoyed the commercials and I wanted a shake. So, I ordered the foot long chili dog, because even in my ordering of food I will gravitate towards sexually charged words in foods and base my decision on ordering because it is a breast, or meat balls, you get the idea. Any way, so I ordered the foot long, and unfortunately I was disappointed, yet again. The hot dog looked like a giraffes tongue.
Weather and Sex Correlation Date: Jan 26th @ 2:57pm EST
Good afternoon my sweet and delicate bunnies! I trust every one had a sex filled weekend during the winter months. Aside from waking up horny and wanting to suck Dick, I also woke up cold! As you all already know, I am a sun bunny and most definitely prefer the warm summer months much, much more so than this winter cold as balls temperatures. So, with that right there, I started to wonder if there is a correlation between cold weather and or temperatures, and a decline in masturbation. Believe you, me, that it saddens my heart more than almost any thing, to have the words decline and masturbation in the same sentence. I just shed a tear. And I will tell you exactly why I was curious about this phenomena. Because, when I woke up this morning, my first thought was fuck your self. Unfortunately, and unlike every other morning that I wake up with my masturbating ritual, today my second thought was, it is too cold. I wanted warmth more than an orgasm. Where as, my initial follow up thought to fucking my self is, spring forth hands, toys, we have got work to do! Instead, I was concerned with getting warm. Does any one else have to deal with this?
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